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Xect Label

The next-generation label paper

Xect Label - Etikettenpapier der neuen Generation

Wet-strength and alkali-resistant label paper made from 100% recycled performance fibres.

Kriebstein Premium Pulp & Paper has invented the next-generation label paper – Xect Label. The innovative paper is every bit as good as virgin fibre products, but has one key advantage: 100% post-consumer fibres. Until now, labels made from recycled fibres were unable to compete with virgin fibre labels due to a lack of alkali resistance, the expensive process changeovers involved and an insufficient degree of whiteness. This is now a thing of the past with Xect Label – thanks to special fibre engineering and the use of performance fibres.

You can now benefit from this in a number of different ways. In addition to using a certified sustainable bottle label and guaranteeing good publicity for your business, you will also be getting a strong partner for the future by teaming up with us. The best thing about Xect Label, however, is the fact that you do not have to modify your existing labelling process in any way, shape or form. It is likely that nobody will even notice the changeover to Xect Label – except your bookkeeper. After all, this global innovation is a good economic alternative as well as an ecological one.

100% post-consumer fibres
Wet- and alkali-resistant
70 + 80 g/m2 reel
70 + 80 g/m2 sheet
Developed for offset printing
Certified raw materials
High volume & wet strength level
Rough reverse
Natural white & Soft gloss
Very high wet and dry opacity
High-speed printing
High-speed labelling

Endless possibilities. No process changeovers.

Xect Label is a wet-strength and alkali-resistant label paper based on 100% recycled performance fibres, making it the sustainable premium solution for both returnable and non-returnable bottles – with no technical compromises.

  • Beer
  • Craft beer
  • Mineral water
  • Soft drinks
  • Juices
  • Wine
  • Spirits
Endless possibilities. No process changeovers.

Get in touch with our expert Marcus Weise.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We embrace sustainability.

We are convinced that secure paper production is only possible if the resources available to us are used in an environmentally conscious manner. This approach is increasingly capturing the zeitgeist. Here in Kriebstein, we want to go even further – among other things, of course, with Xect Label, the premium solution for labels made from recycled paper.

We work with:

  • 100% post-consumer fibres, most of which come from the region (< 100 km radius)
  • Optimal and efficient use of chemicals, water and energy

Kriebstein Premium Pulp & Paper.

Together with our sister factory Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper, we supply innovative and high-quality solutions in the magazine, newspaper and speciality paper segment.

The Kriebstein paper mill can boast an impressive 160 years of paper experience, and our employees over 1,000 more. The 130 men and women at our owner-managed company are the key reason why not only paper is produced by the ton in Kriebstein, but also innovative ideas. Two aspects in particular inform the way in which we think and act here: our environment and our customers.

We are committed to using 100% recycled fibres that we produce ourselves, enabling us to conserve resources and embrace the concept of sustainability. We are continually and systematically optimising our processes to ensure that this remains the case. Our corporate structure serves us well in this regard – horizontal organisation, short decision-making channels and complete flexibility. It goes without saying that our customers also benefit from this. We react quickly and directly to their demands by listening carefully and getting down to work swiftly. That’s how we guarantee quality and reliability and keep our promise: Premium Pulp & Paper.

‘For those who prefer a sustainable paper solution made from post-consumer fibres without wanting to make any technical compromises.’Marcus Weise, Kriebstein

The world is becoming ever greener. Show your colours.

Our data sheet provides answers to all of the technical questions relating to Xect Label. If you still wish to speak to somebody, Marcus Weise looks forward to receiving your call and advising you personally.